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Tropical Journal of Phytochemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences publish articles related to the current trends of research in pharmaceutical sciences and Phytochemistry. The Tropical Journal of Phytochemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences invites and publishes papers that make substantial and scholarly contributions to the areas of pharmaceutical sciences and phytochemistry such as Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmaceutics, Biopharmaceutics, Pharmacokinetics, Pharmaceutical/Medicinal Chemistry, Computational Chemistry and Molecular Drug Design, Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry, Pharmacology and Therapeutics, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Pharmacy Practice, Clinical and Hospital Pharmacy, Biomedical Research, Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics, Pharmacovigilance, Pharmacoepidemiology, Pharmacoeconomics, Drug Information, Patient Counselling, Adverse Drug Reactions Monitoring, Medication Errors, Medication Optimization, Medication Therapy Management, Cell Biology, Genomics and Proteomics, Pharmacogenomics, metabolomics, Bioinformatics and Biotechnology of Pharmaceutical Interest.

Current Issue

Vol. 3 No. 3 (2024): Tropical Journal of Phytochemistry & Pharmaceutical Sciences
Published: 2024-07-03


  • Dry Granule Formulation For Ciprofloxacin Hydrochloride Capsule Using Co-Processed Grewia Mollis Gum

    Nnabuike D. Nnamani, Adesegun J. Kashimawo, Michael Zar
    216 - 221
    DOI: https://doi.org/10.26538/tjpps/v3i3.1
  • Molecular Epidemiology of Aspergillus Species Isolated From Individuals With Suspected Case of Pulmonary Tuberculosis In Adamawa State, Nigeria

    Abdulhakeem A. YUSUF, Abdulhadi S. KUMURYA, Muhammad YUSHA’U
    DOI: https://doi.org/10.26538/tjpps/v3i3.2
  • HPLC and FT-IR Analyses of Nigerian Alligator Pepper (Aframomum melegueta) Methanol Seed Extract

    Folasade M. Makinde, Etido F. Udo, Dolapo D. Olugbile, Oduola O. Abiola
    230 - 233
    DOI: https://doi.org/10.26538/tjpps/v3i3.3
  • Comparative Evaluation of the Physicochemical, Antimicrobial and Stability profile of Olive oil, Almond oil and Coconut oil-based Emulgels

    Oluwadamilola M. Kolawole, Anuoluwapo T. Adesegun, Sophia C. Isreal, Rashidat O. Ayorinde, Boladale O. Silva
    234 – 239
    DOI: https://doi.org/10.26538/tjpps/v3i3.4
  • Nanocellulose crystals reinforced chitosan hydrogel loaded with artemether-lumefantrine to achieve a sustained release formulation

    Chukwuemeka H. EMEDIEGWU, Bukola A. OSENI, Modupe O. OLOGUNAGBA, Oluwadamilola M. KOLAWOLE, Chukwuemeka P. AZUBUIKE
    DOI: https://doi.org/10.26538/tjpps/v3i3.5
  • Polyphenol Profile and Antioxidant Properties of Various Solvent Fractions of Phyllanthus amarus

    Gabriel O. Ibobo, Joel Okpoghono, Innocent Onyesom
    DOI: https://doi.org/10.26538/tjpps/v3i3.6
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